The Company

Eastern Province Industrial Jubail city creating an Umbrella of shelter to all Prime Industries and Secondary Industries, Which covers Petrochemical and Refineries and Power Plants and wide range of Chemical Plants and Steel Plants in Primary Industries. Growth of Jubail Industries still grows faster which form Jubail II and Jubail III future Expansion Projects.

Plant Solution Organization set in mind to fulfill the need of Expansion of Plants, Grass root plants and Shutdown activities in Existing Plant. Plant Solutions forms an effective team which give a wide range of construction activities which majorly involved in Structural, Mechanical, Piping and Electrical and Instrumentation and Miscellaneous Civil activities.

Our Main office is set in Al Dana Building, In front of Kimís Hospital all our Business and Commercial activities operated. Our Company has well experienced team of professionals with technically capable to execute the work with Engineering, Procurement and Construction [EPC] Level of scope of works.

Plant Solutions Management Team can support the Execution team with well financial back up. Plant Solutions Management Policy is to Deliver the Right Product on Right Time with Minimum Profitable margin. Our Major profit is embedded in your TRUST.

Plant Solution Management will set a support to client side by side by providing an excellent service.

Message from the President

We are the Team of Plant Solution construction division set a mind to deliver Quality Product to our clients.

No matter how hard is the process of good service, No matter how expensive our Quality Product but Plant solutions should be recognized as an excellent company for Quality product.

On Time service and Quality of service should match the need of client standard.
Recognize us with our Good will and Hard work.

Our Mission

Plant Solution set a Mile stone of work on (EPC) Engineering, Procurement and Construction Projects in large scale within Five years of span.

Plant solutions planned to set a group of companies considering the need of client demand, where client can find the solution under one umbrella.

Our Milestone is our dream till we achieve it.

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