Quality Assurance

Plant Solution construction team set a Qualified and highly Experienced Quality Management team with well Experienced in Implementation of Quality Management system and Evaluate the need of Quality Organization and Execution Team.

Plant Solution Construction Company comes out with ISO 9001:2008, and Strictly follow the need of International Standard and committed to deliver the Quality Product to the client standard need.

Quality Control

We believe in Adequate Implementation of Quality Management system by setting up right Quality Organization and Prepare an Adequate Field Quality Plan. Trained Quality Personals to control the Inspection activities at site.

Quality Objectives set for a year

Quality Budget Implementation

Quality implementation cost shall be considered and strictly implemented in Bidding.

Quality Budgetary cost shall be estimated and utilized during execution process.

Quality Training

Construction team shall be trained for Quality requirements and strictly implemented in Construction Projects.

Quality Reward

Quality Reward Program shall be conducted and every successful job completion without any loss of man-hourís due to Quality failure shall be rewarded and recorded.

Quality Failures and Quality Amendments

Each Quality failures cause a damage to schedule, itís necessary to evaluate the Cause of Quality failure and Amendments shall be implemented in Quality Management system.

If you expect a Quality PRODUCT - Choose Quality SEED